Troop 175 Scouts Return from Haitian Community Service Trip

Glass for HaitiThey came in ones and two and as word spread they came in small groups and finally by the hundreds to get their eye exams and their glasses. We expected to be able to service 50 people a day in the five different churches and days we were in Port au Prince.Our “In- Country ” Mission support was by CrossWorld Mission and they were overwhelmed with the requests. We ended up giving the gift of vision to over 500 people. Dan Peluso, Nick Peluso and Brian Sennott could have started two new Scout Troops with the street kids they befriended. We came with bags of glasses and a hope to help. The Haitians put on their new glasses and gave us in return their stories, their smiles and their songs. We may well have gotten the better side of the trade.

Well done Dan, Brian and Nick and all your Simsbury helpers. To all that donated, beyond our expectations, you too are now “missionaries”. You have created something much larger than yourselves. Nick is creating a documentary with the many hours of filming that went on. Stay tuned to see what hope looks like.

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