2017 Adventure Race A Success!

A hearty congratulations to all who participated in this year’s annual Boy Scout Adventure Race!

Troop 175’s Patrick Long, Sean Vargas and Alex Vargas were this year’s winners!

The second place team of Dominick Shackleton, Matthew Gutierrez and Mason Rubin had an incredible showing as did the
third place 4 man team of Kaedan Grigg, Brendan Shugrue, JR Breslav and Lucus Watson.

While we are a competitive Troop as a whole, there is so much more that ALL of the participants get out of this race than just a medal.

Here is a video highlights from this year’s race:

The race is a team event by design because it is the teamwork and group effort that adds a level of challenge all its own. Each team member may struggle or excel in any particular course area. Every participant brings their own strengths to the table. Any given racer may experience technical, equipment malfunctions or incur injuries or physical limitations beyond which their body simply can no longer safely perform. Everyone – without exception – walks away from the race stronger, smarter, better for having shown up and participated. Each racer faced their limitations and pushed past them and grew from them!! Even those who finished further back or were unable to continue were miles ahead of those who never started! Well done!!

The Adventure Race is the brainchild of Scoutmaster Brad Mead and requires a herculean collaborative effort of course coordination and set up volunteers.

A HUGE shout out goes to those adults who keep showing up to pay it forward for their love of Scouting: It takes a small army of parent volunteers to continue running such challenging and engaging events and today was no different! Thank you to Keith Chambers, Soo Passmoor, Jon Hughes, Gary Barch and Dianne Mead, Armando Vargas, Maggie Lawry, Martha Hillmeier, Susan Gutierrez, Roberta Rella, Ken Gutierrez, Tarek Purdue, Travis Pascavis, Chris Shugrue, Todd Hollister, Emma Bolles, Fiona Shackleton, Pam Carter, Chris Shackleton, and even 2 Scouts who manned the wall, Hayden Carter and Sam Bolles!!

To see photos from the race, visit our Troop 175 Photo Library.

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