2023 Scout Adventure Race

Congratulations to all who competed in the 2023 Scout Adventure Race last weekend.  Scouts from Simbury troops compete in teams of three to complete a mountain biking segment, orienteering course, ropes course climb over a 12 ft wall, run to the other end of Simsbury, canoeing back to Curtis Fields and finish by building a fire to burn a rope. It is a long day, covering 17+ miles and requiring mental toughness and personal grit.

Special congrats go out to:

  • 1st Place team:   Joe Kalamarides, Nick Hallemeier, Raymond Zhang
  • 2nd Place team:  Ryan Pilon, Evan Pilon, Evan Angelo
  • 3rd Place team:  Gianni Perdikis, Evan Harris, Cian Bergin

See a Google photo album of the event at:


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