Junior Leader Training Takes Over Lonesome Lake Hut

JLTBoy Scouts is one of the best ways for young men to learn leadership skills. Troop 175 takes leadership very seriously. While regular troop trips have new and experienced working together, the annual Junior Leader Training allows the older, more experienced scouts to work together and tackle more challenging experiences.

This year’s Junior Leader Training trip was begin the 3 hour hike/snowshoe to the Lonesome Lake Hut in the New Hampshire White Mountains. The hut offers a fully heated and equipped kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and a bunkhouse. During the day there has a series of Leadership Training programs which will test the scouts leadership and emergency preparedness skills. Saturday night after preparing dinner the scouts explored different disaster scenarios and how we respond as a troop. Everyone enjoyed spectacular winter scenery that has the background of our White Mountain Wilderness Adventure.

Visit the Troop 175 Photo Library to see photos of this trip.

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