Scout Troop 175 Winter Climbs in the White Mountains

Thirty-six Scouts and Dads from Simsbury Boy Scout Troop 175 spent the weekend of March 13-15 doing their annual winter climb in the White Mountains. The Troop does Junior Leader Training every year and uses the White Mountains as the basis for the coursework. “We take our older guys, our Leaders Group, and put them through...
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Heublein Tower Benefits From Troop 175 Eagle Project

Next time you are about to climb Heublein Tower, notice the information center at the trailhead. Alex Stine, a Boy Scout with Simsbury Troop 175, built a kiosk for the Friends of the Heublein Tower organization as part of his Eagle Scout project.  It will hold information such as trail maps, upcoming events, and information about...
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Simsbury High Benefits from Troop 175 Eagle Project

TJ Nicholson, a Boy Scout with Simsbury Troop 175, planned and led the building of a utility shed for the Simsbury High School baseball field. The shed will hold tools that will help prepare the field for a game after it rains. All teams playing on the field will benefit from the ability to have...
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BSA’s Newest Merit Badges

Wondering which merit badges are the newest? Looking for release info on upcoming merit badges? Here is information from the BSA's Blog Bryan on Scouting to get you up to date!

Newest Merit Badges — Coming Soon

(Next to be released listed first)

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