Community Service

Maintaining the Scout Tradition of Public Service

Troop 175 is also actively involved in the community and demonstrates that a “Scout is Helpful” on a regular basis. Our Scouts have done numerous projects for our sponsor, St. Mary’s, including; setting up and helping to run the St. Mary’s Carnival, building steps from the parking lot, building a new Christmas crèche for the Church and rehabilitating the rear entrance to the Church with a new fence and sign. Our scouts have also collected school supplies and delivered them, in person, to a community in an impoverished part of India, designed and placed new signs educating visitors about the history of Simsbury along Iron Horse Blvd, constructed birdhouses for Roaring Book Nature center, initiated a new “green” effort for the Town of Simsbury by building and placing recycling bins in eight public locations around town, collected hundreds of suits for a charity in Hartford, and performing important trail maintenance at the Onion Mountain Park. The Troop raises money each year by parking cars for the Simsbury Fly In and serving pancakes to the Simsbury Marathon.

We organized the Michael Bubnash Adventure Race where we raised (with the other 2 Simsbury Troops) over $25,000 for Michael’s medical care, an Eagle Scout from another Simsbury Troop. Our Scouts put on their uniforms spread the word to local businesses and spoke from church pulpits all over town and collected the money in coins, cash, and checks. Some of our 3-man teams raised over $4,000 for a boy they had never met, but whom they knew was a fellow Scout. We believe strongly in “being part of something larger than one ’s self”.