Awards/ Recognition

This last year Troop 175 received much recognition. In February the Troop won once again the best Troop in the District(Our of 30) We also routinely provide the most service hours (4,300) of any Troop.

For the ninth year in a row the Troop also won Gold Status(Highest) for Troop Excellence.

On the National level, the Troop’s 2012 Kilimanjaro Climb appeared in over 400 major metropolitan newspapers. In March 2013, the National Geographic Series “Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout” aired for six weeks. Keegan Rice, from Troop 175, was the only Scout to compete in every show (other than the original pilot) and became one of the shows stars.

In April 2013, the Troop was asked to come to New York to appear on the National Broadcast of Fox and Friends to demonstrate its capabilities and teach the Fox On Air Anchors how to start a Flint and Steel Fire.

In May 2013, Scoutmaster Mead and his wife were honored to be flown to BSA Headquarters in Dallas, Texas to receive the Outstanding Scoutmaster Troop Award awarded to 54 Scoutmasters (out of 44,000) in the Country. (The only one in Connecticut and one of four in all of New England). All the recipients got to spend three days with BSA National to talk about their ideas on how to build the Scouting Program in America.